The Gargoyles play in the AFL Ontario, with a 10 game season against 8 clubs spread throughout Ontario. The Australian Football League Ontario is the oldest and most competitive Australian football competition in North America. The AFLO was formed in 1989 and is a member of AFL Canada which is the representative body of the Australian Football League (AFL) based in Melbourne, Australia.

Hailing from the picturesque region surrounding the majestic Grand River, our team draws inspiration from the historic stone guardians that watch over our community. Just like the ancient gargoyles, we stand tall, proud, and ready to defend our turf at Margaret Greene Park in Guelph.

Committed to the pursuit of excellence, the Grand River Gargoyles are a close-knit group of passionate athletes who epitomize the spirit of amateur Aussie Rules Football. With grit, determination, and a love for the game, our players showcase their skills with unrivaled enthusiasm.

We believe in fostering a supportive environment where every player can grow, learn, and push their limits, both individually and as a team.

So, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are new to the game, we invite you to embark on this exhilarating journey with the Grand River Gargoyles. Together, we’ll witness breathtaking marks, skillful handballs, and unforgettable moments that make Aussie Rules Football truly remarkable.

Prepare to witness the indomitable spirit, the soaring athleticism, and the unwavering unity of the Grand River Gargoyles!

“If one goes, we all go!”

What We Do


Introduce Australian Rules Football to new people and give veterans a place to play competitively.


Play 10 games a season, practice in Kitchener and Guelph.


Host club social events to promote long last friendships.


Feeder club for the Canada Northwinds (National Team) for international competition.


General shenanigans, laughs, good times, socializing for all.

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Club History

Founded in 2001

Founded by Bruce Parker

Home Of The Gargs

Margaret Greene Park in Guelph, ON has been the Gargoyles home since 2001.


Gargoyle Colours

Maroon & Gold

Team Canada Selections

7 International Cups – 18 individual selections

All Time Record

Club Record: Wins – 111 Losses – 128

Best Record: 2004 11 – 2

Finals Appearances: 7 (2014 last finals appearance)

League Award Winners
Leader in Games Played

Jeff Borysiewiscz – 183

Loi Van Leeuwen – 168

Gord Munro – 154

All Time Leading Goal Kickers

Andrew Matthews – 283

Greg Logel – 121

Jeff Borysiewicz – 115

Club Awards (Club Champions)


Year Best & Fairest Leading Goal Kicker Rookie of the Year
2022 Michael Kasunic Ben Knowles Jonathan Hodge
2019 Brian Correia (2) & Kyle Mundell Kyle Mundell Ryan Hebel & Michael Kasunic
2018 Brian Correia Sam Skelhorn Michael Fischer
2017 Jacob Martin Andrew Matthews Branislav Sisljagic
2016 Andrew Matthews (3) Andrew Matthews Derek Govier
2015 Andrew Matthews (2) Andrew Matthews Benjamin Batte
2014 Andrew Matthews Tyson Dyer Chris Crozier & Kyle Mundell
2013 Matt Dean Matt Dean Tyler Struyk
2012 Adam Millen (2) Andrew Matthews
2011 Scott Rowe (2) & Greg Logel (3) & Adam Millen Andrew Matthews Jacob Martin
2010 Scott Rowe Travis Doyle Aiden McQuoid
2009 Travis Doyle
2008 Gerg Logel (2)
2007 Brad Slingo
2006 Jeff Borysiewicz (2) Bradley Vagg
2005 Greg Logel Bruce Parker Carl O’Brien
2004 Guthrie Corwin Mathugh Vagg Jason Fox
2003 Jeff Borysiewicz Jayson Blain & Bruce Parker & Justin Turner Greg Logel
2002 Matt Bannon Jeff Borysiewicz
2001 Steve Bond (1) Jeff Borysiewicz & Justin Turner Jeff Borysiewicz


Club Awards


Year Most Improved Matt Bannon Heart Award Defender of the Year Coach’s Award
2022 Ben Arppe Sam Skelhorn Josh Burr
2019 Michael Fischer Jacob Martin Zachariah Telfer
2018 Jeremy Schwartzentruber & Elijiah Fischer Kyle Mundell Micahel Gentile
2017 Kyle Mundell Josh Burr
2016 Alex Filipowicz Samuel Wood Kyle Mundell
2014 Adam Millen James Smith Jeff Borysiewicz
2013 Jacob Martin Benjamin Roberts Chris Smith & Fred Shuppach
2011 Chris Smith Jacob Martin
2010 Alex Filipowicz Adam Millen
2005 Loi Van Leeuwen Matt Bannon Loi Van Leeuwen
2004 Rodney Ireland Rochelle Allan Bradley Slingo
2003 Gord Munro Brad Dietrich Chris Bannon
2001 Chris Bannon Guthrie Corwin RT DeForge


Want To Be A Gargoyle?

Are you tired of being a mere mortal, living life without the thrill of Aussie Rules Football? Well, fear not, for the Grand River Gargoyles have arrived to rescue you from your ordinary existence! We’re a team of ambitious amateurs, determined to take the footy world by storm, or at least have a good laugh trying. If you’ve ever dreamed of donning the coveted gargoyle crest, running like a caffeinated kangaroo, and kicking balls with reckless abandon, then we have a spot just for you! Join us on this wild adventure where we promise camaraderie, hilarious blunders, and the occasional victory.

It’s time to unleash your inner gargoyle and embrace the chaos!

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