Round #7 Recap: “Wildcats Claw Their Way to Victory as Gargoyles Seek a Stone-cold Comeback”

In a match that had the Grand River Gargoyles feeling claw-fully defeated, the Hamilton Wildcats pounced their way to a dominant victory with a wild final score of 15.20.110 to 1.2.8. The Wildcats showed their true stripes from the beginning, outpacing and outscoring...

Round #6 Recap: Swans Soar Over Gargoyles

In a fiercely contested match between the Ottawa Swans and the Grand River Gargoyles, it was the Swans who soared to victory with a final score of 9.9.63 to 5.2.32 to capture the inaugural return of the Canada Cup. From the opening bounce, both teams displayed their...

NBA Champion Learns Aussie Rules Football

Watch Kitchener native and NBA Champion Jamal Murray learning Aussie Rules with the Melbourne Football Club.


2023 Leading Goal Kickers

Name Games Played Goals
Beyonce 6 28
Jezza 7 11
Dozza 6 9
Buzz 7 7
Slip 4 3
Big Red  6


All Time Club Goal Kickers

Name Games Played Goals
Andrew Matthews 91 283
Greg Logel  136 123
Jeff Borysiewicz 183 115
Bradley Vagg 26 66
Tyson Dyer 20 57


2023 Games Played

Name Games Played
Stringah 9
Fingers 9
Jesus 8
Killer 8
8 tied 7


All Time Games Played

Name Games Played
Jeff Borysiewicz 183
Loi Van Leeuwen 168
Gord Munro 154
Richard Parker 147
Greg Logel 136


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